Comet Clash S2 #9

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  • This tournament is BYOC, meaning players are encouraged to bring their own setups to assist in making the tournament run smoother. If you bring a Wii U/Monitor/TV we ask that you are able to leave them here for the duration of the tournament. Each setup will be labeled as to avoid confusion.
  • If you bring a setup, we ask that you arrive with the setup roughly an hour prior to the start of the tournament, the officials will handle setup. Simply bring the WiiU/TV/Monitor, we will handle the labeling and setup.
  • Each tournament will require a $1 entry fee, $2 for singles, and $2 for doubles for a total of $5 for everything. $2 will go into the singles pot, $1 will go into the doubles pot per teammate (total of $2), while the rest will be saved for future events and bonus pots.
  • NOTE: First 5 set ups get free entry to tournament, then the next 5 will get entry ($1) waived.


Comet Clash is a tournament series held at the University of Texas at Dallas. Please read the rules below for an in depth description of how the tournament will be conducted.

Toxic Players:

  • Any players caught being toxic will be instantly disqualified, losing sucks, but I will not stop the tournament just to deal with two players being immature, save it for after the tournament.
  • Being annoyed and being toxic are 2 different things.

    Checking in:

    • When the check in begins, make sure to refresh the page and click the check in button at the top right of the screen. 
    • That's it! Wait for the tournament to start and you're all set!

    When the tournament starts:

    • Find your opponent and play a best of 3 (or 5 if at Semis and forward).
    • After the game please record your scores.
    • The winner will report the score.
    • Reporting your score incorrectly will result in an automatic disqualification.
    • Please wait for a TO to tell everyone to move onto the next round before starting.
    • If your opponent is missing, tell a TO immediately, after 5 minutes they will be disqualified.


    冠军: SRC | Orex
    有价值对手: EP | DWIN
    下次再说: Teaser


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